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Catbus Chalk Bag

Catbus Chalk Bag

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Get ready to elevate your climbing experience with our adorable Catbus chalk bag, inspired by the beloved character from "My Neighbor Totoro"! 🐱🚌

Available in two sizes, each chalk bag features a polypropylene webbing rim and plush velvet inner bag, providing comfort and durability for your climbing adventures.

Smaller Chalk Bag version

-Length of soft toy (including tails): 27 cm

-Diameter of rim : 11 cm

-Chalk Depth: 8 cm

- Fits a chalk ball : NO 

- Suitable for: climbers who want to minimize their use of chalk / do not require as much chalk (this is chalk saver!)


Larger Chalk Bag version

-Length of soft toy (including tails) : 38 cm

-Diameter of rim: 12 cm

-Chalk Depth: 12 cm

- Fits a chalk ball : YES

All our chalk bags and chalk buckets are made from soft, cuddly plush toy. All of them have polypropylene webbing rim, plush velvet inner bag, which makes them comfortable to the touch! Webbing is used to strengthen the fleece opening so that it may be accessed easily. They are all include parachute cord drawstring closure and a free waist loop.

Please Note:

  • This is a licensed plush toy and was repurposed into a chalk bag.
  • Due to the product being handmade, there may be some slight difference in appearance and size. 


  • Soft and Cuddly Plush Toy
  • Velvet Inner Lining
  • Polypropylene webbing

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